Jul 8, 2009

Tun Mahathir claims his opinions on language switch ignored

Tun Mahathir is unhappy with PM Najib administration. This is because the new administration has decided to abort his language switch brainchild which he bulldozed through in 2003 amid a cacophony of protests. According to Mahathir, the government has made a hasty decision.

PUTRAJAYA, July 8 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad expressed disappointment with the government’s decision to scrap his policy of teaching mathematics and science in English, saying it will affect future generations.

He said his recommendations were not taken into consideration when deputy prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Education Minister, met him over the policy first introduced in 2003.

“I was only briefed about it, so after the briefing I gave my suggestions, I said even if it could not be implemented at primary level, at least at secondary level it should be maintained, so it was not a consultation only briefing,” Dr Mahathir told reporters here.

“I am saddened because the future of our children will be affected. They will be the victims,” he added.

Dr Mahathir said failure to get the teachers to teach the two subjects in English should not be used as an excuse to scrap the policy.

“The government’s responsibility is to train the teachers, the problems cannot be solved overnight, because this is important for our future, we have to face the challenges, I am confident our teachers can learn English,” he said.

On the government’s plan to train more English teachers Dr Mahathir said the same should also be done to science and mathematics teachers.

“It is a good move, but if they can train English teachers, they should also be able to train science and mathematics teachers,” said Dr Mahathir.

Earlier at a press conference to announce the scrapping of teaching mathematics and science in English policy, Muhyiddin said he and officials from Education Ministry had informed Dr Mahathir of the decision and the former prime minister had accepted the government’s views.


Adrian said...

oh my god,i was shocked to hear the government decision to scrap his policy of teaching mathematics and science in english.my son was the first batch to study m&s in eng 2003 at chinese school,now he's in form 1 at smk school.he told me he was happy to learn m&s in eng.i am so worry when my son go to form 4.it doesn't make sense form 4 & 5 suddenly change to BM.its means he got to start all over to learn m& s.kindly please do something to help our children !save their future.i am so sad yet i don know what else i can do?

Mils said...

I am a 16 yr old student and I am currently studying M&S in English. Honestly i find the fact that the government has made the decision to teach M&S in BM is rather mind-numbing. This change doesn't affect me,but it affects the younger generation. I don't think the government is doing the right thing. And i would like to speak up on their(the younger generation) behalf.
It just doesn't make sense. Why teach and prepare the children to use BM for M&S when they have to use English in their Pre-U and U?? And no one can ignore the fact that English is used so widely across the globe and by mastering English,it opens doors to heaps of opportunities. By nurturing and bringing up talented people the correct way can help improve the status of our country.
Teaching M&S in English is the right way to a brighter and wider future. I hope that the government will come to notice that what they are doing affects not only the younger generation but indirectly affects the status and improvement of the country.

Meiching said...

I am just 14 , i am using english to learn math and science, i think it is good. So, no need to switch. We have to use english language. It is a world language, the world use it! We will be the victim when we just knowing malay style math and science, because everybody use it in english. Don't change it cause it is use full !