Mar 3, 2008

Penang's outgoing chief minister under pressure to name successor

Video Link : No announcement for Penang CM for now

What's the big secret?.

(AFP) PENANG: Just days before the general elections, Penang's outgoing Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon is under pressure to name a successor.

Dr Koh, who is contesting for the Batu Kawan parliament seat, will move to a federal post.

Although he is keeping mum about his successor, 43-year-old state assembly member Teng Chang Yeow has emerged as a possible choice.

Teng Chang Yeow is currently in charge of tourism and the environment in Penang, but sources from his Gerakan Party claimed he is the choice for the next chief minister.

But for Mr Teng, it is business as usual as he goes about meeting his constituents and hearing their needs.

The out-going chief minister also said he will name his successor when the time is right.

As for pressure from the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) to reveal a name, Mr Teng said: "They have a problem. It is not a problem with (the) Barisan Nasional machinery. They have a problem. I don't know why they have a problem. That is best answered by them."

While Gerakan, one of the parties in the ruling coalition, is satisfied that everything is going smoothly, Mr Teng admitted that it will be an uphill task to win a good majority.

The opposition's biggest grouse is that Penang's economy is sliding and that Gerakan has failed to bring development to the state.

Mr Teng said: "Any figures, any facts will not be able to convince the DAP because they are diehard against the figures we are putting. If they don't dispute the figures, they have nothing else to say."

Also pulling in the crowds is former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Although he is not contesting the present elections, he has been busy lending support to opposition parties, besides helping his wife and daughter campaign during the hustings.

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