Feb 15, 2008

The magical number of 13

So we all know that our Prime Minister's favorite number or so called lucky number is 13. He dissolved the parliament on 13th February 2008. Moreover, besides the Dewan Rakyat, 12 state assemblies with the exception of Sarawak were dissolved – bringing the total number of legislative bodies to 13.

It was also reported that all his vehicles, be it private or official, have registration plates bearing the number 13.

The number 13 is also very personal. The number 13 holds further significance as his daughter Nori’s birthday is on Jan 13, while that of her son and Abdullah’s only grandson, Jibreil Ali Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, who was born last year, is Sept 13.

And last but not least..

There will be 13 days of election campaign inclusive of nomination day.

So what else is related 13?. This is really getting to be spooky.

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