Jan 11, 2008

Samy oh Samy.. What's going on there?

MIC Chief Samy Vellu has definitely overstayed his welcome. The long-standing MIC chief, who has been the top Indian cabinet minister since 1978 should really consider relinquish his post and let more fresh faces for this coming General Election. Through the recent Hindraf demonstration, the Indian community has already made their grievances be heard loud and clear by demonstrating in the streets.

Younger generations might not even know who was the previous MIC President, as people now think that the MIC is Samy Vellu and Samy Vellu is MIC, as he has held the presidency for nearly three decades. Do you remember who was the previous MIC President before Samy Vellu?.

His recent meetings with Indian expats, where he attended a conference of the Indian Diaspora was a total disaster.

(Malaysiakini) Several Malaysian participants at a just concluded annual meeting of the Indian diaspora in New Delhi have expressed disappointment with the 'lies and half-truths' of MIC president S Samy Vellu on the Indian community’s plight in Malaysia.

They are dismayed with Samy Vellu, who is also the works minister, for portraying a positive picture of the Indian Malaysians’ plight to the other participants of the 'Pravasi Bharatiya Divas'.

The two-day conference, which ended yesterday, attracted thousands of people of Indian origin to the Indian capital.

“He was asked by everyone here as to what is happening to the Indians in Malaysia. On every occasion he told them that everything was fine and that we are doing very well,” said S Nadarajah, a Kuala-Lumpur-based management consultant who attended the meeting in his personal capacity to represent the ‘India Baru’ (community members with a new awareness).

With so much lies and deceptions, it is indeed a very sad scenario for the Indian community in Malaysia. The recent spat between MIC and PPP doesn't benefit anyone too. MIC and PPP, both coalition partners in the ruling BN, have been involved in a running spat for some time now over the issue of who had failed the Indian community.

(Malaysiakini) An angry PPP president M Kayveas today said that he was going to sue MIC president S Samy Vellu for defaming his party at the recently ended meeting of the Indian diaspora in New Delhi.

He said that Samy Vellu had tarnished PPP’s reputation at a press conference in New Delhi on Wednesday without verifying his facts.

“He had told the press conference that a PPP member was there at the international conference to dispute whatever he (Samy Vellu) was saying on the conditions of the Indian community in Malaysia,” Kayveas told Malaysiakini today.

“He went on to suggest that PPP was acting to the detriment of the Barisan Nasional by doing so, and that he would seek action against us,” added the deputy minister in the prime minister’s department.

However Kayveas stressed that PPP had no representatives at the Indian diaspora conference.

“We were not part of his (Samy Vellu’s entourage). He did not invite us. We have never represented the Indian community in any conferences either locally or internationally.

“The Nadarajah he is talking about is not one of our members,” added Kayveas.

So maybe 2008 is finally the end of the road for Samy. Samy, It is time to let go. Don't stand in the way for fresh faces to come up in the next elections. You should focus your energy and time to work against the cause of the Malaysian Indians for justice and fair play and an end to their long-standing social-political, economic, educational, cultural and religious marginalization. For once, think of your Indian brothers and sisters this time instead of yourself.

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