Nov 25, 2007

Reuters Video News : Police break up protest in Malaysia

Link : Police break up protest in Malaysia

Nov 25 - Protestors shout 'No democracy in Malaysia, no human rights in Malaysia' as police fire water canons into the crowds.

Thousands of ethnic Indians took to the streets of Kuala Lampur to protest about their treatment by the predominantly ethnic Malay government.

The ethnic Indians, who make up seven percent of the population, are accusing the government of marginalising them over employment and business opportunities.

Protestors holding up placards were sprayed by police water canon laced with chemicals .

The group had promised to hold a peaceful rally in the capital but the government had warned ethnic Indians not to participate, saying it could stoke racial tension.

It is the anti-government protest this month that police have broken up. The previous demonstration saw thousands taking to the streets of the capital demanding electoral reform.

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