Aug 20, 2007

'Negarakuku' : Meng Chee now investigated by MCMC

Ok, so far he has been charged under the Sedition Act 1948 and the National Anthem Act 1965, and now he is being investigated by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

As reported by Malaysiakini :

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will investigate if student Wee Meng Chee has broken the law by posting a video parody of the national anthem.

Contacted today, MCMC director Abdul Halim said the case has set a precedent as the subject of the investigation is overseas. Wee, 24, is a university student in Taiwan.

“We will complete the investigation papers. We have to record statements from the relevant parties,” he said, adding that Wee’s family members are expected to be interviewed as well.

On whether MCMC will question Wee in person, Abdul Halim said the issue would be referred to the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“This is the first time that such a case has happened. Aside from the location of the subject, it will be a normal process,” he added.

Report lodged

The investigation was based on a report lodged with MCMC against Wee last week, for allegedly inciting racial hatred.

The rap video, entitled Negarakuku, was posted on YouTube in July. It has been viewed over half a million times since then.

Wee received fervid responses from thousands of Internet users who in the comments section, said his video displayed racial insensitivity and was insulting to Islam.

Government officials and community leaders have also criticised the video.

For his video, Wee went under the moniker Namewee, the first two syllables translate to a foul word in the Hokkien dialect.

In the video, Wee, who has since apologised for his action, accused the Malaysian police of being corrupt and described the subuh (Muslim dawn) prayers as his wake-up call.

He also insinuated that the Malays, who form the majority of government servants and enforcement officers, are lazy and proud. He described the Chinese as hardworking.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that while his apology is accepted, Wee will not be exempted from possible legal action.

The student could be charged under the Sedition Act, which carries as maximum three-year jail sentence upon conviction.

‘Aren’t they real issues?’

When contacted, Wee said that he believed that the problems which arose as a result of his Negarakuku song could be solved amicably.

He said that he wanted to come back to Malaysia to personally settle the issue but was hampered by financial difficulties at the moment.

He further said he wanted to explain to the people here on the meanings of his lyrics.

“Even if I had not sung the matters in my song, does it mean that what I have mentioned do not exist,” he asked.

He also rejected claims that he had meant ill-feelings to anyone in another song titled Kawanku (My Friend) which is now making its round in the YouTube.

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    LOW SOOI MOON said...

    The negarakuku saga has been blown out of proportion. It has got nothing to do with patriotism but an attempt by some quarters to distract from the more important issues like corruption , abuse of power and mind boogling INCOMPETENCE . Just last week the tragic bus accident which claimed 22 lives . I don't see ministers coming out and threatening those responsible with threats like traitor or treason yet these people took the lives of innocent malaysians with their greed .
    How about the mind boogling INCOMPETENCE of the PDRM . Their third rate shoddy police work has resulted in murderers walking free . I only see the LICE in PO-LICE.
    Howabout the innocent baby girl who had to have her arm amputated because of the criminally negligent doctors . I don't see any ministers coming out to show their outrage .
    The way to win the heart of the rakyat is to get rid of these corrupt and incompetent officials . Only then will we proudly fly the Jalur Gemilang.