Jul 2, 2007

Photo with Altantuya: Najib will not respond

Updates on Altantuya murder case:

  • Photo with Altantuya: Najib will not respond

  • Two Mongolian Witnesses In Altantuya Murder Case Return Home

  • Azilah told woman not to cause trouble, says witness

  • Cop: Azilah is my boyfriend

  • Reports from Malaysiakini :
    Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak would not be responding to alleged claims that he was pictured seating on the same table as murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shariibuu.

    His press secretary Tengku Sarifuddin Tengku Ahmad said Najib would not issue any new statement on the claims by Burmaa Oyunchimeg, 26, during the ongoing murder trial of her counsin Altantuya.

    “I wish to make it clear that the deputy prime minister had on several occasions when interviewed by the media previously and during the Ijok by-election had said that he had never met and known Altantuya and was not involved in the case.

    “As such, the issue over the picture does not arise,” Tengku Sarifuddin told Bernama today.

    The picture in question was raised by Burmaa, who claimed that Altantuya had once shown her a photograph of the deceased together with Abdul Razak Baginda, one of the accused in the trial, along with one government official known only as “Najib Razak”.

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    Anonymous said...

    simple conclusion. the three staffs be accussed carried out thier duties handsomely.but some powerful guy can manipulate it & " White Goat" became " Black Goat" kasihan mereka & keluarga yang disayangi..Allah akan melindungi anda semua yang mulia & taat setia kpd Negara & Tuhan.

    aggreived Injustice Movement said...

    As long as we are living under a subversive police force, there is no way where an impeachment can be obtain against on any police personal for any untowards discrepancies in the so-call police investigation paper.
    Unlesss, the presently government will enforce and accept, a truely an independent I.P.C.M.C. that do not and does not be place answerable to any minister.