Jun 26, 2007

Witness : We Did Not Come To KL To Extort Money

Updates on Altantuya murder case:

  • Witness : We Did Not Come To KL To Extort Money

  • Altantuya Wore Diamond Ring, Branded Watch, Court Told

  • Altantuya Paid US$600 To Investigate Her Husband - Private Eye

  • (BERNAMA) Uuriintuya Gal-Ochir, a friend of the murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, denied in the High Court here Tuesday that she, Altantuya and Altantuya's cousin, Namiraa Gerelmaa, came to Malaysia to extort money from political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

    Uuriintuya, 30, also rejected a suggestion from Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, the counsel for Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, the second accused in the Altantuya murder trial, that private investigator Ang Chong Beng was hired by Altantuya to help achieve their plan.

    The fourth prosecution witness, who continued her testimony today, also refuted another suggestion from Kamarul Hisham that she knew that private investigator P. Balasubramaniam and his assistant, K. Suras Kumar, were engaged by Abdul Razak to protect him from them.

    Kamarul Hisham made the three suggestions when cross-examining Uuriintuya on why she did not ask Altantuya, 28, anything about Abdul Razak and the harassment from Balasubramaniam and Suras Kumar during their stay in Malaysia in October last year.

    Abdul Razak, 46, is charged with abetting Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 31, and Sirul Azhar, 35, both from the police special action squad, of murdering Altantuya between 10pm on Oct 19 and 1am on Oct 20 last year at Lots 12843 and 16735 in Mukim Bukit Raja, Shah Alam.

    The political analyst is accused of committing the offence between 9.54am on Oct 18 and 9.45pm on Oct 19 last year at his office in Bangunan Lembaga Getah Asli in Ampang.

    Earlier, Uuriintuya was asked to identify Altantuya's pair of earrings and a white diamond-studded gold ring.

    Uuriintuya said she saw Altantuya wearing the jewellery and a watch before she went missing after going to Abdul Razak's house on the night of Oct 19.

    Uuriintuya said throughout her friendship with Altantuya, she had never asked her friend (Altantuya) on why she needs to meet Abdul Razak.

    Uuriintuya also said she had never met Abdul Razak in Mongolia and did not know anything about Altantuya's marriage with the political analyst.

    She also denied colluding with Namiraa to testify in this high-profile murder case.

    Uuriintuya will continue her testimony after the lunch break.

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