Jun 2, 2007

Things that Information Minister discourages

Our Information Minister has alot of stuff that he discourages and reminds fellow bloggers and journalists. Here are a collection of those things:

  • Journalists should not dance to the tune of their foreign Journalists

  • Bloggers are so-called "citizen journalists", must not abuse the freedom given by the government and must be responsible in their writings and actions so as not to jeopardise the unity among the people

  • Zainuddin Proposes Classification Of Web Bloggers

  • Lodged a protest with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for giving air time o­n television for leaders of opposition political parties rejected by the Malaysian people

  • Directive to country’s top editors warning them against publishing or giving “any consideration whatsoever” to online articles found to be anti-government, have no basis at all, or based on mere speculation

The most recent news:
(The SUN)Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin today reminded local media practitioners not to follow the style of the foreign media who are prejudiced towards the country.

"I hope local journalists will not dance to the tune of their foreign counterparts. There are local journalists who think too highly of the foreign media, and to me, this demonstrates their inferiority complex," he said when launching the Malaysia Creative competition organised by Bernama here today.

Referring to the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) article titled "Malaysia Rejects Christian Appeal" on the Lina Joy's court decision carried on its news portal yesterday, he said the piece was inaccurate and sensationalised.

The Federal Court yesterday dismissed the appeal of Lina Joy, born Azlina Jailani, to drop the word "Islam" from her identity card.

Zainuddin said the reality was that Malaysia depended on the social contract between its various ethnic groups to achieve its current progress and prosperity.

He said the borderless world nowadays exposed the people to inaccurate and irresponsible news and information that could hurt feelings and lead to disunity.

"It's not easy to overcome this problem but we can educate our younger generation to make them understand about the country's aspirations so that they value the true meaning of independence and harmony," he added.

Admitting that the authorities would not be able to completely ward off attempts to colonise the minds of the people, he said continuous efforts must be made to mould a society which loved the country, possessed noble values and exercised tolerance in a multi-racial population.

On the Malaysia Creative competition, the minister said the ministry welcomed the initiative as it would provide an opportunity for people to give their own interpretations of the country's independence and unveil their hidden talents.

Held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, the competition comes in three categories - creative writing, creative photography and creative cartoons.

Among the prizes are free creative courses, a scooter and hotel-stay packages. Further information is available on the Bernama website at www.bernama.com.

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Blue Sky Admirer said...

At first thought, the argument that one cannot embrace or leave a religion according to one’s whims and fancies seems a sound one, but not to the extent of promoting keeping individuals as Muslims regardless of their faith. A 'Muslim' population - or any population, for that matter - of a diverse range of conflicting principles and faiths will breed disunity. In the name of their religion, all faithfuls should stand up for the purity of their population in terms of faith, or they will one day find themselve identified with non-believers as Muslims, making a mockery of the religion.

The most treacherous enemies are those from within.

Do not trade quality for quantity,
or you will one day find yourself buried in a garbage mountain where quality has no place.

From a concerned individual.