Jun 22, 2007

Shaariibuu : "Razak’s wife punched and kicked me"

Updates on Altantuya murder case:

  • Shaariibuu : "Abdul Razak’s wife punched me"

  • Shaariibuu weeps when shown photo of daughter

  • Judge orders Altantuya, Razak families be kept apart

  • Shaariibuu: Altantuya came to see a 'Baginda'

  • As reported by MalaysiaKini:

    A different kind of drama unfolded in the Altantuya murder trial today when prosecution witness Shaariibuu Setev claimed from the witness stand that he was assaulted and harassed by Abdul Razak Baginda’s wife.

    Shaariibuu, the second prosecution witness, said Mazlina Makhzan had kicked him this morning.

    He also claimed that she had also punched him in the stomach as she passed by him during a break this morning.

    Shaariibuu added that Mazlina had been harassing him since the beginning of the murder trial of his daughter Altantuya.

    “The last incident was just now, before the break, she hit my body,” he said drawing protests from Abdul Razak’s family members who had attended court since the trial began on Monday.

    After hearing his complaints, Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin ordered that the families of Abdul Razak Baginda and Shaariibuu Setev be kept apart.

    When met outside the court, Mazlina denied harassing or assaulting Shaariibuu.

    "What a lie," she told reporters who approached her for comments

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    Anonymous said...

    It is clear Baginda's wife is the one who is lying. I tend to believe Shaaribu when he said she was harassing him

    Anonymous said...

    This Mazlina Makhzan is a lawyer. But look at her. Hair dye and so untidy. Face look so ordinary and fierce. Behaviour like one who has gone insane. Even the daughter also kind of weird in her behaviour. Now I know why Baginda went for other ladies. With this ugly proud wife and a spoiled kid, even he also cannot stand them. I can forgive Baginda for having affairs outside but he should be punished severely if he is the one who murdered his girlfriend. He should have just married his girlfriend, give her a home in Mongolia and when he is so fed up of his first wife, he can fly over to Mongolia and be with his second wife. Then none of this will happen. May be some very angry jealous wife will sue him in court. But nobody has to die. Once in a while, Malaysia needs some drama to wake up to real life's facts. So are we awake yet or are we still dreaming in our sleep ?

    Anonymous said...

    Please do not make negative comments without substance. There is no point of making comments at this point of time. Let's take a back seat and try to absorb the whole story before making such unnecessary remarks.