Jun 12, 2007

Kuala Lumpur is a public swimming pool whenever it rains

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It is a common sight for KL after a heavy downpour, places around the city centre will be flooded. In fact, floods have been happening all these years, but due to the recent rapid development, it much more common nowadays. Whenever there is a flash flood, it causes disruption and destruction too. Business owners that are hit by floods suffered the most, and most of the time, there will be a tremendous amount of damages and loss.

The recent events of floods has really made everyone angry. The public, business owners, and now even the PM was not happy about it. He was unhappy with the city’s inadequate flood control measures. (Checkout comments from some affected people at MalaysiaKini)

(The Star) Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has now asked for all projects to prevent floods in the federal capital, especially the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel or SMART Project, to be speeded up.

The RM1.9bil project, if it had been in place, would have prevented Sungai Klang bursting its banks at the Masjid Jamek area on Sunday night.

Although SMART's road tunnel portion has been opened to traffic, its flood diversion component will only be operational next month, when 200 dams and retention ponds, now being built, are ready.

So the question now is whether SMART project is the best solution for the current problem. According to Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), it is:
(The Star) Had it been ready, the RM1.9bil Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel Project (SMART) would have prevented Sunday’s floods that inundated the city centre.

Drainage and Irrigation Department deputy director Ahmad Fuad said the floods around Dataran Merdeka and Masid Jamek were caused by Sungai Kelang bursting its banks at the confluence of Sungai Gombak.

“A storm which causes the river to overflow – that is exactly what the SMART flood tunnel is being built to overcome,” he said at a press conference organised by Kuala Lumpur City Hall here yesterday.

But there is also this report, SMART tunnel only designed for storm floods, not flash floods.
According to Fuad, the floods that occurred on Sunday were flash floods caused by inadequate and/or clogged drainage and were not storm floods caused by overflowing river waters.

“These also occurred in areas like Salak South, Cheras, Jalan Duta, Jalan Semantan, and even Bangsar which are not within the Sungai Klang and Sungai Ampang confluence. We would like to highlight to the public again that the SMART flood tunnel is not designed to handle and prevent all floods,” Fuad said.

“It will not be able to handle flash floods and areas outside of the Sungai Klang and Sungai Ampang confluence. The SMART flood tunnel is specifically designed and built to handle storm floodwaters in the city centre at the Sungai Klang and Sungai Ampang confluence,” he said.

So how effective is the RM1.93 billion Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (Smart) project to alleviate the current flood problems? Only time will tell whether SMART project is the best solution for KL's flood problem. However, one thing for sure, it is time for all Malaysians to learn more about taking good care of the environment. Previous campaign such as "Cintai Sungai Kita" should be reactivated again. Rivers around Malaysia especially rivers around city center are highly polluted and clogged with rubbish.

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pablopabla said...

The founder of Kuala Lumpur knew what was going to happen when he named this place a muddy confluence.

Anonymous said...

The housing and local government minister okt always boasts that he had achieved a lot since he became minister.Ask him why keeping so quiet. Again nothing to do with him?

Radical Scope said...

if you're talking about Sammy Blue, he claimed that it was not a JKR (short for Joker) project. last night tv3 pointed that every year at around the same time, kl turns into venice. are the people responsible blind and dumb?

Lucifer said...

oh now i get it, Malaysia spent 1.9B for a storm drain that's supposed to select the kind of flood it wants to alleviate....now i understand why they chose to call it the SMART TUNNEL... well what about that.. the tunnel can think for itself far better than those who thought of building it...

DUH!!!! i call that STUPID ... build a 1.9B tunnel that does not help at all and give all those freakin reasons the public when it fails.... that's kinda LAME...they could have better said that

"oh were sorry but the tunnel is still a work in progress science project first of it's kind in the world...that has not actually been proven to work yet, and the suggested RM2 toll stated by Semi Value was meant for SUBMARINES and not cars"

LOL ooppss we did it again (sing to the tune of britney spears song I did it again) Malaysia Boleh