May 7, 2007

So who is the BIGGEST LIAR?

Sometimes it is fun to observe politicians in Malaysia. Once a while, we can see some clowns that will come out and make fun of themselves. Here's a very good example. Maybe it can used in "Who wants to be a Clown". So the million dollar question for this round is .. WHO IS THE BIGGEST LIAR?

Round 1

(BERNAMA) MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu today dared Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to stand against him in the next general election.

"We can fight in any constituency. He can come to my Sungai Siput constituency. I'm not scared," he told reporters after chairing the MIC central working committee meeting here.

He said that PKR should accept the fact that MIC had won the recent Ijok by-election in Selangor by a bigger majority and asked the opposition party to accept its defeat

Round 2

(MalaysiaKini) “The MIC leader proudly boasted the fact that vast majority of Indians are behind him and MIC,” said Anwar.

“I want to remind my friend, Samy Vellu, that as a Malaysian, a Malay and a Muslim, I am ashamed and saddened that you can [make such proclamations] when the Indians live without running water, with little or no [amenities], living in abject poverty.”

“I am ashamed they voted for you, out of fear, and because they were bribed,” he added.

Round 3

(MalaysiaKini) MIC president S Samy Vellu has lambasted Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Anwar Ibrahim, accusing him of deceit and not helping Indian estate workers when he was in power.

"He is the biggest liar," a fuming Samy Vellu told a press conference in Shah Alam yesterday.

He was responding to the opposition leader's allegation that MIC had neglected the welfare of Indian estate workers.

So who is the winner?

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Mudin said...

Hah? MIC President didn't do jack for the race he's supposed to be helping. Then blames an ex-deputy PM instead?

Is Samy Vellu doing anything? Many Indians still poor, so now it must be.. NAJIB's fault! Ahahahahahahaha

Samy Velly - go contest against Najib in Sg Siput and make things better Indians!

DIASPORA said...

Many of us would not want to take sides. Only Samyvelu may know the trials and tribulations that he has to go through to get some little things done for the marginalised Indians. The provocation by DAP may seem to be actually to hit at the Barisan itself as a whole and if that is so, then DAP has done its work well.

In the existing political scenario and race and religion relations one can hardly expect the PM to move things when he is saddled with a bulging bureaucracy with hundreds of posts created vertically and horizontally and to add to that misery he has to create numerous ministries to satiate cronies who seem to be not of much help to him. Neither Samy or the PM can put Humpty Dumpty back on the saddle. The Indians should emulate what mother India is doing and rise up on their own instead of looking for crutches to lean on and lambast Samyvelu for every ill of theirs.

There are great opportunities open to those who dare to face the 'devils'.