May 8, 2007

So who is the BIGGEST LIAR? Part II

This is round 4 of "Who is the BIGGEST LIAR".

(MalaysiaKini) Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has joined in the war of words between MIC president S Samy Vellu and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Anwar Ibrahim on the plight of the Indians in Malaysia.

In view of this, Lim raised two questions on "behalf" of Indian Malaysians:

1)Why has the marginalisation of Indian Malaysians as the new underclass in Peninsular Malaysia gotten worse nine years after Anwar was sacked?

2) What concrete steps and master-plans have been adopted by Barisan Nasional under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to restore to Indian Malaysians their full citizenship rights as Malaysians and enable them to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that they have an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

Lim’s statement, which was posted on his blog, had garnered a huge response from readers who were mostly critical of Samy Vellu and MIC.

So who is going to defend our poor Work Minister cum MIC President, Samy Vellu? Our PM?

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Anonymous said...

The fact is the government has done very little for the Indians.Its not too late to do something now.

Anonymous said...

Yes... We can do something to them like giving away a sewing machine to each of them and that is all what its take to get 100% support from them. :)

Anonymous said...

Every year something is said about the condition of the indian community but nothing is done. Indians are to blame as well for accepting this condition and still supporting this type of leaders.