May 23, 2007

NO to Bloggers registration

This is message for all bloggers in Malaysia and to our ministers too. If a country like China (a communist-ruled country) has decided not to register the country's over 20 million bloggers, then how about the mere 20,000 so called political bloggers in Malaysia.

BEIJING, May 23 (Bernama) -- Following opposition from the industry and netizens, China is likely to discard long-harboured plans requiring the country's 20 million bloggers to register themselves, state media said.

A draft published by the Internet Society of China (ISC) encouraged bloggers to register their names with service providers instead of making it compulsory, China Daily reported.

Government departments have been promoting a real-name system for years, arguing it will force Internet users to watch their words and actions, and refrain from slander, pornography and dissemination of other harmful information, the newspaper said.

But the proposal drew protests from Internet users and the industry, it added.

According to the ISC draft, those who voluntarily register themselves may still use pseudonyms and service providers must ensure the confidentiality of bloggers.

The draft was prepared by a group of blog providers and industry experts set up last October to discuss the development and regulations of the industry. China has 144 million Internet users as of March this year.

The China Internet Survey Report 2007 released in January showed the number of bloggers in the country had grown to 20.8 million with 3.15 million active writers.

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