May 2, 2007

Ijok : What do the Chinese want from BN?

The result is out. K. Partiban (BN) won with a majority of 1850 votes for Ijok by-election. After the post election analysis, it is clear that most of Chinese populated areas eg. Batang Berjuntai, with Berjuntai Bestari Utara and Selatan the support for BN has significantly eroded. Apparently most of the votes swing were from the Chinese. One thing appears to be indisputable is the The Chinese are voting against the government.

So what are the problems faced by the Chinese? What do they want from BN?

For the first time, MCA is tying to have answers for these problems. (And not after PM Badawi instructed BN coalition partners MCA and Geraken to find out why the Chinese voters are against BN).

The swing of some Chinese votes to the opposition in the recent Ijok by-election was due to unhappiness with the service of the previous assemblyman as well as several sensitive national issues, MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said.

He said the Chinese voters in the constituency had complained that they were unhappy with the service rendered by the Barisan Nasional.

"During campaigning, they (Chinese voters in Ijok) asked us why we were doing this and that now (during the election) and not earlier. There were also some rumblings on national issues," he said after attending a Wesak Day celebration at the Kwan Inn Teng Temple here.

It is obvious the Chinese are very dissatisfied with MCA. I can't blame them. MCA has NOT been doing its part as a defender of Chinese's rights in Malaysia.
Opposition DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang said that a significant amount of Chinese voters in Ijok had voted the opposition because they were not convinced "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that they had an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

"Can Abdullah expect MCA and Gerakan leaders to tell him the truth now, when they had been hiding the truth all these years and decades from Umno leaders for their political survival in BN?" asked Lim.

He added that it would be 'most unfortunate' if BN were not prepared to re-examine nation-building policies affecting Malays and Indians in Ijok just because of the majority support received from these two communities.

"There are deep-seated and legitimate grievances and discontents among both these communities which must not be ignored and neglected if the government is serious in wanting to build a united, strong, harmonious and competitive Bangsa Malaysia," said Lim, who is also Parliamentary opposition leader.

and what will MCA do this time?
Ong Ka Ting : "We will work hard and go down to the ground to get their feedback.

I am sure MCA will work hard, but do they have enough time to convince the Chinese before the general election?.

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Sam said...

The MCA will "work hard"? Please define working hard. Spell out exactly what MCA is going to do about ensuring justice and fair play for the Chinese community. Notice that I did not say "equality", that would be too unrealistic. Let's be honest, MCA has been working hard for MCA, but not the Chinese community in general.