May 7, 2007

Ijok : What do the Chinese want from BN Part II

Following post-election analysis of Ijok, several prominent leaders have voiced out their opinions. This time we have Tun Mahathir's comment on the topic of Chinese swing vote.

KOTA BARU: Chinese voters in the country are strategic-minded people, unlike the Malays who tended to vote along party lines and based on raw sentiment.

This, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was partly the reason why there was reportedly a small swing of Chinese voters towards the Opposition in the last two by-elections.

Using his experiences in 1969 as an example, Dr Mahathir said that he lost in the South Kota Setar parliamentary seat because the Chinese supported PAS more as they feared his supposed reputation as an ultra-Malay.

“I know the Chinese dislike PAS, especially with their political ideology of wanting an Islamic country and so on so forth. Still, the Chinese voted for it because they disliked my reputation as an ultra. It was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea and the Chinese made me the devil,” Dr Mahathir said after delivering a talk on “Malay Leadership in a Globalised Era” at the Grand Riverview Hotel.

The talk was organised by the Kelantan People’s Action Council (MTRK) headed by Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali, where among those present were MTRK patron Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, former Kok Lanas MP Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad and former mentri besar Tan Sri Muhammad Yaakop.

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Anonymous said...

What do the Chinese want? very simple! They want government policies that are fair to everyone irrespective of skin colour.

Din said...

Yes, there should not be any race-based laws. There should be laws based on income level.

The current policies and actions are not so much race-based as also crony-based. Poor Bumi's are still poor. Rich Bumi's are getting richer.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese also DO NOT WANT the corrupt gorverment & their corrupt policies, everything the want quota, private college also want quota.

Anyone can pay the fee can study, stupid politician!

Anonymous said...

We want a clean, fair and effective gov and not a pro- colour gov.