May 17, 2007

Dr Mahathir's Breathing Problem Caused By Lung Congestion

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17, (Bernama) -- Lung congestion associated with myocardial infarction caused Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to face breathing difficulty, consultant cardiologist Datuk Dr Nasir Muda said.

He also has an exacerbation of underlying basal bronchitis of the lung, added Dr Nasir, who is attending to the 81-year-old former prime minister, in a statement issued by the National Heart Institute (IJN) here where Dr Mahathir has been admitted since Tuesday.

Dr Mahathir was treated at Langkawi Hospital's Intensive Care Unit on Monday after complaining of breathing difficulty and was flown to the federal capital the next day for further treatment at the IJN.

IJN said Dr Mahathir underwent routine checks and treatment, and continued to make steady progress.

It said with the positive response, his medication and treatment was being gradually tapered down.

IJN expected Dr Mahathir to continue with chest physiotherapy and light exercise, and would remain at the Coronary Care Unit for continued monitoring and treatment.

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gaban said...

sounds like heart failure, but i hope not.