Apr 18, 2007

Tun Mahathir Apologises To PM Over Allegation Of Mansion Ownership In Australia?

A case of Forgive and Forget?

But how about the report that Khairy stated the house is belong to the PM's son?

PUTRAJAYA, April 18 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Wednesday apologised to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for having alleged that the latter owned a mansion in Australia.

Neither Abdullah nor his son, Kamaluddin, owned the mansion, estimated to cost RM60 million, located near the Swan River in Perth, as alleged by Dr Mahathir. It belongs to a Malaysian businessman, Datuk Patrick Lim.

"Well, I shouldn't make that statement because I was stating something based on rumours I heard and the rumours repeatedly said that the house belongs to him (Abdullah),

"And then of course you know, when you are carried away after giving a speech like that, you don't censor yourself and you are not too careful about what you say, so I said it and I'm sorry that I said something that was wrong," Dr Mahathir said.

Dr Mahathir told reporters this after delivering a keynote address at the 6th Perdana Discourse Series on "Media and National Development" at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here.

The former prime minister made the allegation at a ceramah in Kulai recently.

"I should be corrected and I'm very grateful that people have actually paid attention to my allegation and they found that the person who owned the house is not the PM, it's not his son but somebody else," he said.

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