Apr 24, 2007

Test confirms ex-hubby fathered Altantuya’s son

Finally the DNA test is out, and it's proven that Altantuya Shaariibuu's four-year-old son is not belong to Abdul Razak Baginda. Hmm, So what is Abdul Razak Baginda's motive for killing Altantuya?

The release of the DNA result is also a great timing for our DPM.

Meanwhile Susan Loone is crying for answers. Maybe someone is hiding the truth from her.

(The Star) KUALA LUMPUR: Altantuya Shaariibuu's four-year-old son was fathered by her former husband, also a Mongolian.

A police source said a DNA test had confirmed that the child, Altanshagai Munkhtulga, was born to her ex-husband, and dismissed rumours that Altantuya had given birth to the boy after an affair with a Malaysian man.

“We have said previously that the child was Altantuya’s from her marriage to her former husband. I hope this matter will not be played up any more,” the source told Bernama.

Two police officers and a forensics expert from Kuala Lumpur Hospital had gone to Ulan Bator on March 14 to conduct the DNA test with the assistance of the Mongolian Interpol.

The murder of Altantuya, 28, received wide media coverage after her remains were found, believed to have been blown to bits with explosives, near the Subang Dam in Puncak Alam in Shah Alam in October last year.

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