Apr 20, 2007

Sarawak CM Taib to sue Malaysiakini

Another highly publicized scandal?

Updates : Renowned legal lion Karpal Singh has agreed with the commitment to offer our legal services to malaysiakini to fight this lawsuit.

(MalaysiaKini) Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud has demanded malaysiakini to remove several articles concerning accusations of corruption allegedly linked to him and his family.

Taib, who has been the Sarawak leader for 26 years, said he would take legal action should malaysiakini refuses to do so in 48 hours.

In the letter which was hand-delivered late yesterday to the malaysiakini office in Kuala Lumpur’s Bangsar Utama, Taib identified eight articles which he claimed were defamatory.

These articles - published between April 6 and 14 - alleged that Taib has been implicated in a kickbacks scandal involving RM32 million in kickbacks paid by Japanese shipping companies for timber from the resource-rich state.

According Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan, the law suit was aimed at muzzling malaysiakini.

“If by filing the law suit, Taib hopes to intimidate us, he is dead wrong. When we go to court, we have a long list of witnesses whom we plan to call - starting with the ACA and Japan’s tax authorities,” he said. “This could turn out to be the mother of all court battles.”

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tim said...

The apple has remained too long in the basket. It has grown rotten. Get rid of it or it will rot the others.

There are others in the cabinet too. The stench i beginning to get unbearable.

Anonymous said...

hypocritics like taib will one day pay for their crimes before the throne of God/Allah

they deny their crimes in public, i wonder how they go to sleep at night, with all the lies they speak about in public...badawi included