Apr 25, 2007

Round of Updates for Ijok - April 25th 2007

Three days to go. Here're some interesting updates for Ijok.

Batang Berjuntai folk have good words for Parthiban
Pekan Batang Berjuntai is BN candidate K. Parthiban's "playground". Having spent his secondary schooldays here, a walkabout meant bumping into old faces. It was a pleasure watching them exchange greetings as Tan speaks fluent Tamil. Tan, who used to operate a schoolbus, ferried Parthiban to school and back to Ladang Raja Musa where he lived.

'Miracle of Lunas' in Ijok
Pundits are already drawing a comparison between Ijok and the Lunas due to the striking similarities in racial composition, the political scenario and the fact that it is yet another fight between the MIC and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). PKR (then Keadilan) won the Lunas by-election in Kedah in 2000, one of the most bitterly fought by-elections in recent history, beating the MIC candidate by a wafer-thin margin of 530 votes while generating a tidal swing of some 5,000 votes.

Parthiban Aims To Draw In Investment To Ijok
Bringing in investment and creating more jobs for the locals is Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate K.Parthiban's main agenda if victory comes his way in Saturday's Ijok state by-election. Located in the booming Kuala Selangor district, Ijok would gain from the development push in the next five years, he said, and if elected as assemblyman, he promised that locals would benefit from it. Development initiatives seen in Ijok were not prompted by the upcoming by-election as they had been planned a while back by the BN government, he told a news conference here today.

Bloggers visited Ijok
Parthiban as discovered by bloggers, is actually made of some quite good stuff. In fact, as one of the bloggers said after tea, the Opposition will surely win the Ijok by-election if Parthiban was their candidate!.

Ijok by-election - BN “kiasu” despite worst electoral corruption and most undemocratic campaigning in 50 yrs
Lim Kit Siang left Ijok last night with the predominant impression - that the Barisan Nasional (BN) is “kiasu” despite masterminding the worst electoral corruption and the most undemocratic campaigning in 50 years. A shameful way to commemorate our 50th Merdeka anniversary in 2007!

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