Apr 28, 2007

Ijok : The ultimate "WINNER" is.... (Updated Version)

Updated version :
The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has won the crucial Ijok by-election with a bigger majority of 1,850.

Election Commission returning officer Haris Kasim announced that BN's MIC candidate K Parthiban bagged 5,884 votes while PKR's Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, 4,034.

The majority is 1,850, which is higher than the 2004 general election result, where BN won with a majority of 1,649.


As of 8.30pm, the unofficial tally is: BN - 5,884, PKR - 4,077. The majority is about 1,897, which is higher than the 2004 general election result, where BN won with a majority of 1,649.

Vote counting for the crucial by-election in the Ijok by-election is currently underway. The counting is being done at all nine polling districts in the state constituency.

As of 7.20pm, the unofficial tally so far is: BN - 5,508, PKR - 3,545.

News Updates :

No Untoward Incident In Ijok Polls, Says IGP
The Ijok by-election proceeded smoothly with no untoward incidents, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said today. As of this evening, only one police report was lodged on opposition supporters blocking Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his aides heading to the Jaya Setia polling station. He said the police would investigate the incident in which several members of Najib's delegation were allegedly attacked and injured.

Polling Ends In Ijok Polls, Records Highest Voter Turnout Ever
A total of 10,049 or 81.88 per cent of the 12,272 voters cast their ballots at the close of polling at 5pm in the highly-charged Ijok by-election. Election Commission secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor said the percentage was the highest ever registered in an election in the country. The ethnically-mixed constituency recorded 76.17 per cent voter turnout in the last general election.

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