Apr 29, 2007

Ijok : A sign there's no hope for Opposition parties in Malaysia?

So the result once again shows that the "rakyat" disapprove the Opposition parties in Malaysia. Consecutively, Opposition parties have been beaten flat to the ground. Voters at Ijok did come out in large volume to vote and they voted for Barisan Nasional. With the highest turnout in the history, and a bigger majority of 1850 votes for Barisan Nasional. So is there any hope for Opposition parties for the coming General Election?. One thing for sure, the Opposition parties need to prove to the "rakyat" their principles and agendas instead of making unsubstantial claims such as corruptions and playing on racial related issues. Moreover, it is certainly not necessary for all the commotions created by supporters during the nine day of campaigning for Ijok. The "rakyat" want a trustworty party, not a party that has members that shout or act as hooligan.

Maybe our PM really can sense that there is a "feel good" feeling among the "rakyat" for the current government. Hopefully it's not from those "phantom voters".

Meanwhile watch the video by Ezam on alleged phantom voters.

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rainbow said...

This is of course bull shit. The whole country and world saw what sought of force and bribery, intimidation was seen at this election. Despite this PKR got more then 4000 votes. The election simply put - was rigged. PKR should stop whining, file its action in court and if it has proof take out an injunction preventing Parthiban from taking his seat in the state assembly and seek out the truth in court by putting Najib on the stand. MESSAGE: DO THIS BY MONDAY. I AM CERTAIN YOU HAVE GOOD LAWYERS.

Mr. Right said...

Win, loss or draw.. accept it with open hand will ya? Stop accusing BN wrong doing, evaluate PKR own effort.

However, congratulation to all opposition leaders and activist, thanks to you guys a lot of Ijok folks walking with smile in their face since BN 'donate' millions of ringgit into their small town.

I just hope they will be no by-election before general election, if not again, portion of my tax paying will be channel there, or maybe if there any by-election, make it around Johor or N9, of cause BA will boycott the by-election.