Apr 10, 2007

Don’t question PM’s battle against graft - Nazri

So if we don't question, therefore there will be no corruption? And Malaysia will be prosperous as before and more foreign investors are coming to our country?

Huh? what is the logic?

There are always brilliant ideas from the person that claimed to be "jantan" of Malaysia.

(MalaysiaKini) Do not question the prime minister’s commitment in combatting corruption in the country, warned Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz in Parliament today.

“We hope everyone, including the opposition front, do not use graft issues against the government as this will only strengthen the wrong perceptions others have on our country,” said the Padang Renggas representative in his winding-up speech on the motion of thanks on the Royal address.

“It will also affect the flow of foreign investors to our country,” he added.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) however responded by saying that the country was facing the worse crisis of corruption in 50 years of independence and 40 years of the formation of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

“We have serious corruption allegations against many top officials like judges, deputy internal security minister, the Sabah chief minister, the Sarawak chief minister and the ACA chief himself. How can you be so proud?” asked Lim.

“Don’t you think that the government must work harder in fighting corruption,” he asked.

Nazri replied that he was neither proud nor ashamed, and that the government was working towards its goal to eradicate graft.

“We cannot simply arrest innocent people just because we’re fighting corruption. We must not only catch those who accept bribes, but also those who offers bribes,” he added.

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