Mar 6, 2007

PM : 85% of corruption allegations are BASELESS

Dear PM, are you referring to the case where your famous son-in-law alledgely has purchased tremendous amount of ECM-Libra shares? Or are you referring to the case where you were alledged of purchasing a yatch at Turkey? or are you referring to the current case related to the ACA chief? So are you saying that most of the allegations are baseless?

PUTRAJAYA (March 5, 2007): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says the government will not act against anyone based on perceptions, but on hard evidence and facts.

He said allegations of corruption based on perception are aplenty, adding that 85% of these reports were baseless.

"Of late, we have been hearing reports on corruption. Of course, no one likes corruption. But what is important is that all actions and investigations must be done fairly," he said at the monthly assembly of the Prime Minister's Department today.

Abdullah said taking action based on facts rather than perception is important, adding officers appointed by the government are vetted carefully and thoroughly.

"This includes the Barisan Nasional candidates contesting in the general elections," he said.

He added the government ensured proper clearance was secured before one was appointed.

He said it was understandable the people wanted an administration that was of high quality and without any corruption, as this would ensure the success of the country.

Last week, Anti-Corruption Agency director-general Datuk Zulkipli Mat Noor was in the limelight after Movement for Democracy and Corruption chairman Ezam Mohd Noor publicised allegations of graft and sexual crimes against him.

Ezam had said in a press conference a retired ACA officer Mohd Ramli Manan had discovered the allegations and had informed former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Bakri Omar in 2003, but no action was taken.

Ramli, who headed the agency in Sabah in 2002, also said Zulkipli had been investigated for a sexual offence alleged by a housewife in reports filed at police stations in Dang Wangi, Segambut and in Mambau, Negri Sembilan.

He also claimed Zulkipli owned several business interests and properties, including six houses in Pagoh, Johor and that he had misused goverment vehicles to check on properties and businesses.

Both the police and the Attorney-General (A-G)'s Chambers had said the sexual misconduct report had been investigated thoroughly but it was found that there was not enough ground for prosecution.

The corruption allegations are now being investigated by the police and the A-G's Chamber.

Yesterday, Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum was accused in website postings of accepting a total of RM5.5 million in bribes to facilitate the release of three Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainees.

Johari described the allegations, sent annonymously to ACA and posted on the Internet as "malicious slander."

On the Prime Minister's recent trip to overseas, Abdullah said following discussions with many heads of government, minister and businessmen, many people had high regards for the country and its people, especially with regards to economic development, unity, tolerance and racial integration.

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