Mar 30, 2007

Government Asked To Curb Bloggers

Malaysian Bloggers are liar?!! The answer is a big NO.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 29 (Bernama) -- The government has to find ways to curtail bloggers from abusing the Internet to spread lies and defame the leaders, said Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob (BN-Bera).

"We notice that a lot of bloggers have been sowing the seeds of discord among the races, religions... I believe there must be a limit," he said in a debate on the royal address in the Dewan Rakyat here today.

He felt that there ought to be a law governing bloggers like those imposed on the print and broadcast media.

"The people believe more in the bloggers than the newspapers... I am aware that a newspaper was censured by the Internal Security Ministry for publishing a sensational story but the bloggers could continue churning out malicious stories," he said.

Ismail Sabri also proposed the promulgation of an aerospace policy and law like those of the United Kingdom, Russia, United States and South Africa to protect the government and industry.

"From what I understand, although microsatellites were launched by the private sector, if there were a mishap, the government has to bear the consequences as the application was made by the government," he said.

Datuk Hasni Mohamed (BN-Pontian) felt that cable television network Astro should come under the purview of the Broadcasting Act 1998 under the ambit of the Information Ministry and not under the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry.

He said this was to ensure that Astro would adhere to local values, culture and needs.

The sitting resumes on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

What is so strange is that between gangsters and bloggers, the government would rather let the gangsters go free.