Mar 17, 2007

Altantuya video on YouTube

(The Star) PETALING JAYA: A video clip of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu, whose body was blown up in Shah Alam last October, has been posted on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

The four-minute video compiles some of her pictures with a narration in Mongolian by her father, Dr Shaariibuu Setev.

Former journalist and blogger Susan Loone, who posted the video on, said the video was only a human-interest piece and there was no new information about her murder case.

Loone also posted an English translation of the narration on her blog May the Truth Save Us All (

When contacted by mStar, the Malay news portal of The Star, she said:

“The video was specifically meant for me to use on my blog. It is to remember Altantuya. There’s no other reason.

“Dr Shaariibuu started making the video in December 2006. The video recording of Atanshagai (Altantuya’s three-year-old son) was also made in that month.”

mStar learned that Dr Shaariibuu had sent the video to Loone, which contained recordings of Atanshagai, through a close friend in Mongolia after she asked for it.

According to the English transcription in Loone’s blog, Dr Shaariibuu described his late daughter as someone who had “a rare nature, did not begrudge her friends and sacrificed herself for the sake of others.”

He said she was “a nice Mongolian girl who got killed by cruel murderers.”

Dr Shaariibuu said Altantuya was happy with her life as a mother although her burdens grew after giving birth to her first son (Mungunshagai, nine), following her relationship with hip hop singer Maadai, 32.

It was reported that her second son Atanshagai’s DNA was tested on Thursday and the result would be known today.

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