Feb 1, 2007

Tun Mahathir - Pak Lah should get a Boeing 747 or Airbus 380

Tun Mahathir's comment is always amusing :-)

(MalaysiaKini) Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad had reporters in stitches today when he offered his views on reports that his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had purchased an executive jet worth millions.

When this issue was raised at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today, Mahathir oozed with sarcasm.

He considered the jet as something "very necessary" but expressed disappointment that the government opted for something relatively cheaper.

“They should have gone for the (Boeing) 747 or (Airbus) 380. This plane (ACJ 319) is only worth RM200 million,” he quipped.

“The government is careful in spending money because it has very little money. It (the plane) was not bought by the government, it was bought by somebody else. That somebody else is 100 percent owned by the government,” he added.

The 82-year-old former premier, who has been crossing swords with his handpicked successor over numerous issues, was referring to Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd which is owned by the government financial arm Finance Ministry Incorporated.

Check out the 3-minute video of Tun Mahathir's comment on Bloggers, Utusan-NSTP merger, Batu-Talam by-election and effect of Singaore reclamation of land ,here.

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