Feb 11, 2007

Tun Mahathir back at heart hospital

According to BERNAMA, Tun Mahathir is Fine, He's In Normal Ward, Says Mokhzani

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 (Bernama) -- "Doctors say he's OK. Nothing serious as the last time (November). He is still on medical check-up," said Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir on the health condition of his father Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN) here Sunday.

"It's only a bout of flu, nothing to do with the heart," said the second son of the former prime minister.

He said his father was admitted to the country's premier heart centre at 1am this morning after he complained of discomfort.

"Alhamdulillah (All praises to God), Tun is now in the normal ward from the cardiac care unit where he was initially warded," he told reporters.

Mokhzani said his father, who was unwell due to the bout of flu, would be on observation at the IJN for two days before doctors decide whether to discharge him.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir's aide Sufi Yusoff said the former prime minister was initially admitted to the CCU on the advice of his personal doctor attached to the IJN to conduct a thorough check-up on him.

"There's nothing to worry about Tun's health as he can walk and talk. Currently, Tun is under observation at the Bunga Raya Ward.

"Initially, Tun had a bout of flu. Upon arriving here, it is routine for doctors at the IJN to do blood tests, medical check-up and other examinations," he added.

On Nov 9 last year, Dr Mahathir, 82, was admitted to the IJN for a mild stroke. He was discharged five days later.

Dr Mahathir was in Johor Baharu yesterday to deliver a keynote address at a leadership seminar organised by a website blog MYKMU.NET.

About 500 people attended the one-day seminar.

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