Feb 13, 2007

No more lucky draw or contest for Malaysians

Another sad news for fellow Malaysians. The Home Ministry has officially discontinued the lucky draw to encourage more Malaysians to change their identity cards to the new MyKad. The lucky draw that was announced 18 months ago. Three lucky draws were supposed to be held in September, November and December that year, offering a total of 80 prizes every month with the RM50,000 MyVi as the grand prize.

While the "Press, Send and Win" contest organised by the Road Safety Department (JKJR) to capture traffic violators in pictures has also been called off. The contest offering cash prizes to road users who send in photos of motorists violating traffic regulations has been getting flak from many quarters.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy has directed the department to stop the contest with immediate effect due to possible abuse by some quarters.

Under the contest, the department offered RM150 for the best photo, RM100 for second place and RM50 for third place to be given out daily between Feb 10 and March 10.

So much for winning something from the government! Let's hope there is something to win for the coming election. Maybe a grand prize for not choosing the imcumbent Prime Minister. :-)

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