Feb 8, 2007

Mahathir a 'war criminal' too

History is always interpreted in to relative to the person's perspective. But one thing for sure, we should never let bad history to repeat itself.

(MalaysiaKini) Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is on a crusade against war crimes and warmongers, has been accused of being a war criminal himself.

The Police Watch and Human Rights Committee (PWHRC) said his hands are ‘stained with the blood’ of the victims in the March 2001 Kampung Medan clashes.

The committee was responding to the formation of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission and War Crimes Tribunal mooted by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation headed by Mahathir.

In a statement today, PWHRC’s legal adviser P Uthayakumar said while the formation of the august bodies is to be lauded, it is however ‘embarrassing’ that they are led by Mahathir.

“It would be six years on March 8 this year, when all of a sudden, peaceful Malaysia witnessed the killing of six and more than 100 Indian Malaysians seriously injured,” he said.

“It has been 2,167 days since this tragedy but there has only been pin drop silence. Despite scores of appeal, there has been no royal commission of inquiry, inquest, Parliamentary White Paper or anyone prosecuted for the crimes,” he added.

Uthayakumar also cited an International Herald Tribune news report in 2001, which claimed that the police did not act when one victim was being beaten to death.

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