Feb 16, 2007

PM : Study Shows M'sians Lead Comfortable, Happy Life

Dear PM,

How come I was not included in the study? How come most of my friends were not included too. I am sure that none of them show any signs of high standard of living, nor they are having a comfortable and happy family life, especially with the latest increment of toll rate, petrol price and daily expenses.

I am also in doubt regarding such study being conducted by unknown party. It is unbelievable that a person with a status as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, would announce a study result without showing any data to back it up. After so many indifferent claims made by your government, it's hard to believe all the data shown to us this time.

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 16 (Bernama) -- A study carried out recently showed that Malaysians enjoyed a high standard of comfortable and happy family life, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Friday.

The prime minister said the study showed the index on comfortable and happy family was at 8.2 from the highest scale of 10.

He said the study also showed the index on the people's courtesy at 7.2 from the scale of 10.

"To have an index of more than seven is a good achievement. We must make more efforts to raise the index from time to time," he said at the Internal Security Ministry's monthly assembly here.

Abdullah, who is also Internal Security Minister, however, did not say the party which conducted the study.

He told civil servants to carry out their jobs sincerely, with the intention of serving the people and making them happy instead of enriching themselves.

He said the people were now more confident in the country's economic growth following the increase in investments, the vibrant capital market and the stronger financial position.

"The country's economy has improved. Foreign and local investments have exceeded RM40 billion. The capital market is active, with high performance, volume and index.

"The country's financial position is also getting stronger from time to time," he added.

This, he said, made the people more relieved compared to before when there were uncertainties.

A total of RM46 billion in local and foreign investments was approved for 1,077 projects in the manufacturing sector last year from RM31 billion in investments in 2005.

Malaysia's trade last year was RM1.06 trillion, which was 10.5 per cent higher than the preceding year, with the superlative performance aided by exports rising 10.3 per cent to RM588.95 billion and imports up 10.7 per cent to RM480.49 billion.

Reflecting the bullish sentiment, share prices on Bursa Malaysia closed steadier yesterday, with share volume hitting an all-time high of 3.5 billion shares.

Its market barometer, the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index, closed at 1,258.63 yesterday, a new 10-year high.

Abdullah said the encouraging performance gave new hope for the people in the country's economy.

At a time when the people wanted development and to enjoy progress, they also wanted peace and security, he added.

Abdullah said the people enjoyed the comfort of a peaceful country, which was further strengthened by the strong economic growth.

The ministry, he added, had a big role to ensure the people's hopes were fulfilled.

He reiterated his hope for improvement in the public delivery system to ensure quality services for the people

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Imran said...

bloody hell. is PM having a laugh? which family is this? his family?

Anonymous said...

If this was just propaganda, then its business as usual, the problem comes if the PM actually believes in this and that he think we should believe it.

It could be the first sign of the effect of ivory tower autocracy i.e., being isolated and detached from the sentiments from the ground and reality eventually.

It also means that he has nothing, nothing more to offer than what he has been offering in the last few years. He is all played out. All he has to offer is no where but down...

Anonymous said...

Obviously, our PM need to understand more on the economy rather than mere listening to so called small influential group within his family members. The economy now is just like a big portion of a shrinking cake. In the end, if the leaders does not buck up, we are going to be next like Thailand and Indonesia or even Singapore. Creating their own legacy and multimillion networks. Dynasty revealed and given no chance to the brainy who has the highest credibilty to run the country. Nepotism to the maximum. The people will feel that they are slave in their own free country.

Anonymous said...

i would too, if , like his family, i have multi-million RM contracts in my pocket, waiting to sail in a new yatch and jet-set about in a luxury jet. YESSSS! I WILL BE HAPPY------BUT---AS A MERE MORTAL WITH THE HIGH COST OF LIVING--- I AM NOT---