Jan 6, 2007

Anwar : 1997 toll hike to pay ‘crooks and bandits’

According to MalaysiaKini

The ongoing protest over the hefty toll hike in the Klang Valley took on another twist when a former finance minister claimed last night that he was told a hike in 1997 was necessary as the concessionaire had to pay out ‘kickbacks’ to certain individuals.

Anwar Ibrahim, deputy premier and finance minister that year, revealed that a highway concessionaire sought an increase in toll charges in 1997 because the extra money was needed as inducements for unspecified individuals.

Speaking to about 200 National Union of Bank Employees delegates at their first extraordinary delegates conference in Port Dickson, Anwar said the matter was first raised by Works Minister S Samy Vellu.

Anwar said the Treasury later found that there were no justification for the toll increase sought.

“He (Samy) still said it was important to increase (the toll charges), and I told him that he should resign (from cabinet) and go work for the company (instead),” said Anwar.

Following this, a ‘Tan Sri’ from the company sought an appointment with Anwar to appeal against the refusal to allow the toll hike.

Anwar said he calculated the cost of running the highway with the ‘Tan Sri’ and realised that its operating cost included paying inducements to certain individuals.

“This ‘Tan Sri’ said he had to pay! Pay leaders and their families from Perlis to Johor,” he said.

“(So I said to the ‘Tan Sri’) you pay these rotten crooks and bandits, you give them million of ringgit. And you expect me [minister of finance] to sign (the documents), so that the poor workers, teachers, farmers fork out the money for you to pay those crooks?” Anwar added.

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Anonymous said...

anwar, anwar... very sneaky. said nothing when in govt, but shouts and reveals when outside it.

talk about credibility and integrity. he must have been off school when they were teaching morals.