Jan 6, 2007

Abdul Razak Baginda's wife mocks reporters

Continuing from the Abdul Razak Baginda saga...

(Bernama) -- The wife of political analyst Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, who is charged with abetment in the murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu, mocked journalists covering the case at the High Court here Friday.

"So happy now? Satisfied?" Mazlinda Makhzan sneered at the journalists before joining Abdul Razak, who was in handcuffs, being led out of the court by several policemen.

Mazlinda is believed to have lashed out her frustration at the journalists following the court's refusal to entertain an oral application by counsel Wong Kian Kheong for Abdul Razak be released on bail.

On Dec 14 last year, the Shah Alam High Court allowed Razak to be released on a RM1 million court bond with two sureties after he claimed trial to a charge of abetting in the 28-year old Altantuya's murder.

Mazlinda was also seen attempting to prevent press photographers from taking pictures of her husband as he was brought to the court lock-up.

Abdul Razak, 46, is charged with abetting Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35, in the murder of Altantuya, 28, whose body parts were found in a forest area at Puncak Alam here on Nov 5 last year.

He is alleged to have committed the offence at Bangunan Getah Asli in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, between 9.54am and 11.05am on Oct 18 last year.

Judge Datuk K.N. Segara had fixed four weeks from March 18 to hear the case.

Meanwhile, Mongolian Honorary Counsel in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi said he had informed Altantuya's family on the court's decision and they (Altantuya's family members) had expressed their intention to follow the trial.

"We have informed the family on the hearing date. Dr Shaariibuu Setev (Altantuya's father) is happy and there is a likelihood that he, his wife and their daughter will be here for the March hearing," said Syed Abdul Rahman who was also at the court with the second secretary at the Mongolian Embassy in Thailand, Oyu Vasha.

He also said that Dr Shaariibuu and wife were in good health and that the situation in Mongolia had returned to normal following the furore created after news of Altantuya's murder spread.

Syed Abdul Rahman said he would also claim Altantuya's bones which were kept by the police at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital at 3pm Friday and would be handed over to Oyu who would bring them back to Mongolia.

On the records of Altantuya's trips to Malaysia which were alleged to have been erased from the records of the Immigration Department, Syed Abdul Rahman said the Mongolian government had informed Wisma Putra on the matter and that it was now up to the government to investigate.

On a letter from the Mongolian government to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Syed Abdul Rahman said he did not know of its development.

The letter, which was handed to Abdullah at Putrajaya through Foreign Affairs Special Adviser Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Mohamad last Dec 13, among others, contained hopes of Altantuya's family and the Mongolian government for the case be heard without interference from any quarters.

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