Dec 5, 2006

Kota Baru ‘sexy dress’ ruling is foolish

Recent ruling from the Municipal Council of the "Islamic City" aka Kota Baru, Kelantan generates alot of interesting comments from politician, NGOs and bloggers too.

(The Star) The Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) has announced that it would “no longer tolerate indecent dressing” by women, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Public relations officer Mohd Azman Daham said that under local council by-laws women who “dressed sexily or indecently” could be fined up to RM500.

While DAP's Lim Guan Eng calling it a "Foolish" policies;

(MalaysiaKini) Islamic party PAS is running the risk of turning away moderate voters by implementing “foolish” policies such as punishing women over what they wear, warned DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng today.

Lim was referring to the latest move - the Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) decision to fine women who are ‘indecently dressed’ on the job at retail premises and in eateries.

“Such self-inflicted wounds are politically and economically foolish as these will drive away moderate voters as well as foreign investment,” he said in a statement.

DAP urges PAS to focus on restoring democracy by restoring elected councilors in Kelantan. Any failure to do so will show that PAS does not practice what it preaches about upholding democracy and human rights. It is sad that PAS appears obsessed in what women wear than in how to improve the livelihood of the residents of Kota Baru.

and there're some interesting questions asked by Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) executive director Ivy Josiah :

(The Star) Josiah said everyone had the freedom to wear clothes of their choice, and that no one should dictate what a person should wear, certainly not the MPKB.

"I would like to know what is the (acceptable) level of tightness of a pair of pants or jeans, and what happens to those of us who have larger buttocks? Is the MPKB saying that we cannot wear pants or jeans as it will emphasise the buttocks?'" she asked when contacted yesterday.

Josiah said the MPKB should instead concentrate on cleaning the drains and parks, collecting rubbish and providing child care centres

Dr Ng Yen Yen, Wanita MCA Chief commented that :

“If men wear tight fitting jeans, is that not deemed sexy? Why is it only the women are targeted, so much so that the ruling covers non-Muslim women as well?'' she asked.

Dr Ng urged the PAS-led government not to introduce ridiculous policies.

And finally, bloggers or better known as citizens' journalism, comments can be obtained from here, here and here.

So how about you, what do you think about this new ruling from MPKB?

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Anonymous said...

Keep up with the good work… I like your blog, it has become one of our favorite sites to visit from time to time. Just like to put a short comments on this latest posting for the readers to ponder. I am sure many may disagree, but I hope some may give a little thought…

Doing the 'right' thing is not always easy, while doing the wrong things can easily get scot-free. It seems to be okay for women to be 'near naked' on billboards across the country or on tv or could not be blamed for thinking so as there are no noises that we could put our fingers least in the near past.. I guess women are more dignified in those 'near naked' or revealing poses!