Nov 28, 2006

To Film or not to Film? - JAIS

Two days ago, there was a big hoo-hah about videos leaked from JAIS regarding khalwat (close proximity). From the statement made by JAIS enforcement division assistant director Akmal Senin, it's common for JAIS to record video clips during the raid and the video clips will be sometimes used as evidence.

When contacted by mStar Online, The Star’s Bahasa Malaysia news portal, yesterday, JAIS enforcement division assistant director Akmal Senin said they usually recorded their raids.

He said that the video clips were sometimes used as evidence in some khalwat cases.

And today, there is a big denial from JAIS. According to MalaysiaKini, Public relations officer Fakrul Azam Yahya clarified that JAIS does not have the right to film khalwat incidents because footage is not required for prosecution. The department will lodge a police report today. While JAIS director Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said the enforcement division does not own specific filming equipment or inventory.

“We don’t need film or photos because it is enough (evidence) to find a man and woman in a lonely place or in a dwelling (if they do not have) any marital relations,” he said.

So what is going on here? Then where are those video clips originated from? Anyone?

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Dek Mat said...

alamak first kata ada video lepas tu kata dontch have so which one la?

like how to make informed decision?

I assume have since the guy said from JAIS and I'll continue to believe so until JAIS wins their court case against this mykakis fella! hehe

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh tink they got film but not as eveidence ! Instead for personal consumption only ! LOL!!!!!!