Nov 27, 2006

RTM Will Not Telecast Parliamentary Proceedings Live

Is he saying that due to the behaviour of certain MPs therefore it should not be shown to the public? Then shouldn't the MPs first should learn and accept that Malaysia is a multiracial country and behave as a good MP? Instead asking the future generation to accept that Malaysia is a multiracial country?

Till when Malaysia MPs should debate national interest issues based on races?

I still don't get it, anyone?

KANGAR, Nov 27 (Bernama) -- Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) will not telecast the parliamentary proceedings live despite constant requests by the opposition, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said Monday.

He said the decision was made in the interest of safeguarding harmony in the country because besides the high cost involved, the people would surely not be able to accept the behaviour of the MPs and the conduct of the proceedings which had political and racial intonations.

"The time has not come for RTM to telecast the parliamentary proceedings live because our society has not attained a mental maturity where it is insensitive to racial issues," he told reporters after a gathering organised by the Perlis Special Affairs Department here.

He said that in view that the position of the political parties in the country still hinged on the strength of each race and not on the overall unity of Malaysians, some form of control like the Sedition Act and the Internal Security Act was still needed.

As such, he reminded the young generation to prepare to become future leaders who were acceptable to the multiracial society in the country.

The young generation, he said, must be broad-minded, rational and open-minded because the country's history had never shown that the quality of leadership was focused on the strength of just one race.

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