Nov 10, 2006

Malays Will Continue To Get Aid To Progress, Says Abdullah

PENANG, Nov 10 (Bernama) -- The government will continue to look after the welfare of the Malays and guide them so that they will be more successful than before, said Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Prime Minister also said the Malays must work harder to achieve greater success than what they had achieved before.

"I want my race to be more successful than before, I want my race to progress. If we are willing to work hard, and with perseverance, even the blunt side of the knife can be sharpened. The same goes for the Malays, leaders cannot lose hope," he said in his message in the book entitled "The Future of the Penang Malays".

The book, written by former reporter Datuk Jamelah Bakar, was launched here by Barisan Nasional secretary Tan Sri Khaled Ahmad Sulaiman.

Abdullah was quoted as saying that the Malays should not allow only the best among themselves to progress while not doing anything for those Malays who were not progressive.

The Prime Minister said everyone must work hard and play their respective roles to help to ensure that the Malays achieved the desired success.

"The Future of the Penang Malays" contained interviews with Malay leaders and entrepreneurs in the state to address the problems of the Malays who were lagging behind in terms of the economy and living standards, and marginalised compared to the other races in the state.

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Anonymous said...

The Indians are the worst hit in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government cares two hoots about the Indians. They wanted to make them the labour class; to serve the Malays. It has happened to a certain extent. We have to call the Malays TUAN now. They all hold high positions in public and private sector. They want everything, but somehow however hard they try, GOD will always be on the side of the oppressed.