Nov 17, 2006

International Herald Tribune Asked To Correct Report

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 16 (Bernama) -- A delegate to Umno General Assembly here, Thursday took the International Herald Tribune (IHT) newspaper to task for publishing a misleading report that portrayed Malaysia as on the brink of racial riots.

Melaka Umno representative Datuk Idris Haron demanded the newspaper to correct its take on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's policy address at the assembly when the Umno President spoke on the attitudes of some parties in Malaysia who preferred to engage in racial and religious polemics in the local media.

He said that IHT chose to intrepret the remark as saying that the racial relationships in Malaysia had reached worrying levels, when in fact the Prime Minister's address only touched on the open polemics created by these relationships.

Idris then asked the delegates present to agree with his proposal to demand the newspaper to correct its article. The floor responded: "Setuju (Agreed)."

Idris, who was debating the motion on economy and education, also spoke on the RM1.5 billion allocation announced recently for new projects meant for Class F Bumiputera contractors.

He said that although the allocation would provide jobs for these contractors, some 60 per cent of the amount would trickle to non-Bumiputera construction material suppliers.

"This is because construction material supplying business is monopolised by non-Malays in the country," he said.

As such, he suggested that the government establish a network of construction materials warehouses in all the states so that Malay contractors could source their business needs from them.

"We can find these items from all over the world. This way we can control their prices and prevent price manipulation," he added.

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