Nov 20, 2006

Future Umno assemblies may not be telecast live

(The Star) PUTRAJAYA: Future Umno assemblies may not be telecast live, given the flak the party has received over this year’s proceedings.

Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said many people felt that the telecast was inappropriate thing to do because it gave a distorted view of Umno proceedings.

“It is up to the supreme council to decide but we are seriously looking into the wisdom of having a live telecast,” he told reporters after opening an international conference on Ibn Khaldun, one of the great Islamic thinkers, at Marriott here on Monday.

Najib conceded that some speeches during the just concluded assembly were extreme.

“We have gone through this before but because of the direct telecast, they should not use that to pass judgment on Umno. Sometimes inexperienced speakers tend to get carried away by the occasion and they play to the gallery.

"They should realise that when they speak, there are others outside the party who are also listening to their speeches,” he added.

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