Nov 29, 2006

Admit And Rectify Weakness, Abdullah Tells Public Sector

Another "sounds" and "feel good" speech. Remember this? "Work With Me, Not For Me".

Maybe it's time for more action less talking?

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called on organisations and individuals in the public service to openly admit their weakness and shortcomings and continuously take steps to correct and rectify them.

In this context, they should not be in self-denial, he said when officiating the 2006 Public Sector Quality Awards presentation ceremony here Tuesday night.

He said efforts to improve the civil service had to be a continuous process to ensure that Malaysia remained globally competitive.

"What is wrong, we correct them, what is spoilt, we make it good... that is our way. All the things we do, they must become the best," he said.

He said efforts to improve the public sector was not new as they had started since the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein was prime minister but until today, the people still had negative perception especially towards the public sector's delivery system and this must be changed.

"Is it because of the conduct of a few guilty ones that make shocking headlines and make the people to jump to conclusions? Actually, the whole barrel was spoilt because of one bad apple. Actually, only one or two persons who have caused a lot of problems to a lot of people," he said.

He said when the negative perception on certain matters unfolded, it would be difficult to allay or correct the perception.

Abdullah said it was important for the public sector to enhance its quality of work, productivity and competency from time to time.

"So, we have to think, if we are really the victim of perception, of how do we overcome it... we have to enhance our performance," he said.

Abdullah said although Malaysia had been recognised as a country that had recorded stunning growth, with an excellent track record in eradicating poverty and the trade volume axpected to breach RM1 trillion in the near future, the people still felt that the public sector had yet to meet their expectations.

"So, we have to enhance our capability... not to add more officers but rather our capability and ability to work faster and more effectively," he said.

Abdullah said that with the advanced development and use of the information communication technology (ICT), there was no reason why work could not be done faster.

The Prime Minister said that to ensure high value of the human capital development in the civil service, the civil servants had to improve their knowledge.

"There are plenty of management books written now compared to when I was a PTD (administration and diplomatic) officer," he said.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia received the Prime Minister Quality Award for the public sector.

Other recepients were:

-- Petronas Ammonia Sdn Bhd; Prime Minister Quality Award for private sector;

-- Pahang Farmers Organisation; Prime Minister Quality Award for sosio-economic sector;

-- Retarded Children Association, Johor; Prime Minister Quality Award Special Appreciation for socio-economic sector;

-- Public Service Department; Information Technology Prime Award for public sector;

-- MISC Berhad; Information Technology Prime Award for private sector;

-- Terengganu Information Technology Unit; Information Technology Prime Award for sosio-economic sector;

-- Melaka City Council; Prime Award for local government; and

-- Petaling District and Land Office; Prime Award for district and land office.

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