Nov 23, 2006

Action will be taken on "Extreme" UMNO Delegates

While the authorities are deciding to take action, here're some of the questions that we need to ponder on to.

(The Star) Umno would leave it to the authorities concerned to look into the incidents of some delegates allegedly going “overboard” in their speeches at the party’s just-concluded general assembly.

Party deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said three speakers had been singled out for speeches that slighted the feelings of the non-Malays.

He said the issue was raised at the Cabinet meeting yesterday, which looked into the positive and negative aspects of the live telecast of the assembly over Astro.

“What the speakers brought up did not reflect the true picture or the overall picture,” Najib, who is also the Defence Minister, said at the ministry here yesterday.

Non-Malays, most of them seeing the live proceedings of an Umno general assembly for the first time, were critical of the way some delegates exhorted their feelings in championing the cause of the Malays.

The delegates singled out were Hasnoor Sidang Hussein (from Malacca), Datuk Azimi Daim (Kedah) and Hashim Suboh (Perlis).

Najib, who is deputy Prime Minister, said party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went into damage control mode in his winding-up speech by explaining everything.

“I believe Umno’s partners in the Barisan Nasional fully understood that there is no change in our policy.

“Umno is steadfast in recognising the contributions of all communities to nation building,” he said.

“On whether it was wise to televise the general assembly proceedings live, the supreme council will discuss it and decide,” he added.

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minuses said...

Like giving medals to those who `performed` best.

minuses said...

The Prime Minister, as the president of UMNO, in his opening speech to the Assembly:

p.s. Had late lunch at a "halal" Chinese noodles restaurant in Telawi, met two ex-journos, one of them now a free-lance PR consultant, who said she was "so shocked" to hear the PM use the word "kafir" not once, not twice but thrice in his address to the Umno delegates.