Oct 27, 2006

Statement by Tun Mahathir : Why Did I Criticise the PM

Press statement by Tun Mahathir : Why Did I Criticise the PM [27th Oct 2006]

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Anonymous said...

I respect what Tun Mahathir is doing now. I think Tun should be given the right to speak. Unfortunately, it seems that all the persons who has been exposed or previously reprimanded by Tun have stood out to condemn him...we need not have to mention primarily Rafidah, Hisamuddin and even the Sultan of Johor. I think the government is too powerful. The press is fearful after been warned by the deputy PM. I is sad that things have to come to this point. It does not help the Malays at all. Everybody wants to have a share of wealth being created to the bumiputra. Even "mamak" or Indian Muslim and the brethens from Pakistan are also claiming to be Bumiputra. What happens now is that true Bumiputra will continue to be marginalised by firstly their own rich