Oct 16, 2006

PM said Don't insinuate, but ask your question nicely and you shall get your answer

Murid-murid, jika ada soalan, apa yang anda perlu buat? Angkat tangan dan bertanya dengan sopan.

Extracted from BERNAMA
Don't Try To Cause Trouble, Says PM

SUBANG, Oct 16 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Monday all parties should not cause trouble but should seek clarification properly if they are unhappy with certain things.

The prime minister said the government would have no problem explaining the methodology used in measuring bumiputera equity holding in the country if that was disputed.

"Don't insinuate. Why make insinuations? Insinuations, accusations bring no benefits. If one seeks an explanation, ask properly. Why seek explanation by insinuation? Why seek explanation by making accusations? That's not the way to go about it," he told reporters on his return from performing umrah.

On hand to welcome him at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base here was Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Abdullah was commenting on a call by Gerakan to the Economic Planning Unit to disclose the methodology used to show that the bumiputeras' share in the country's economic pie was only 18.9 per cent.

Gerakan president Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik had said that something was not right with the figure because it had not shown any improvement since the New Economic Policy was introduced in 1970.

Abdullah said his remark was not targeted at anyone but was a general statement to all parties including the Malays not to try to cause trouble.

He said that if there was a problem it should be discussed amiably to resolve it.

"If the intention is to cause a disturbance, see what will happen. If one wants to ask something, do it properly," he said.

On the equity position of bumiputras that was still low, the prime minister said many Malay entrepreneurs were adversely affected during the last economic crisis that hit the country.

"During the economic crisis, the financial crisis, many were badly hit; many businesses and many Malay entrepreneurs had to close shop, many of those affected had piled up their debts so much so that they could not repay.

"That actually affected our position ... I hoped that the situation would keep on improving but that was not the case. Each time there was an economic crisis or economic recession, it had an impact (on the bumiputra equity)," he said.

Abdullah said the government had long-term plans and during that period various things could take place, adding that the increase in fuel prices had an adverse impact on the current efforts of the government.

He said it was important for all quarters to face all these (problems) and strive to overcome them.

Asked about the possibility of any group trying to take advantage of the open policy adopted by the government under his leadership, the prime minister said people would always attempt to take advantage.

"People will take advantage whenever they can ... they will do so with an open policy, when restricted they will want to challenge demanding why (the policy) was restrictive, why there was no transparency today, why there was no freedom ... they will take advantage.

"Those who want to cause trouble will take advantage (of the situation). When we are open, the trouble-makers take advantage ... it is the attitude of people to take advantage," he said.

Asked whether his statement was a warning to the group involved, Abdullah said: "To whoever it is, whoever the case may be, Malays or non-Malays, do not cause trouble; if one wants to ask properly, do so properly.

"If people do good once, we can do so 10 times over. Once you do something bad, be careful ...'.


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