Oct 20, 2006

Khairy: Will Mahathir be satisfied?

The famous son-in-law spoke again!.

Extracted from MalaysiaKini
Khairy Jamaluddin - many a times the source of former premier Dr Mahathir’s grouses - hopes that the planned meeting between his father-in-law and Mahathir ends as a success.

The Umno Youth deputy chief said the meeting can bring much benefit to the party and the country.

“Umno Youth welcomes the proposed meeting and hopes it can be held during the Ramadan month,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama today.

However he was quick to add that it would be difficult to say whether Mahathir would be satisfied with the meeting.

“Umno Youth prays that the meeting will result in something that can strengthen party unity in future,” he added.

The meeting has been agreed by both Khairy’s father-in-law, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his predecessor Mahathir.

However no date has been fixed as to when the reconciliation meeting will take place although both the leaders have expressed their intention to hold it before the Hari Raya festival which falls on Tuesday.

Mahathir has been a vocal critic of Abdullah, accusing him of incompetence, nepotism and corruption, and publicly lamented handing him the top job in 2003. He has also been infuriated by the axing of his pet projects conceived during his two decades in power.

Political suicide

Only last Monday, in a television interview, he accused Abdullah of endangering economic growth, jeopardising growth and that confidence in his government was waning.

For his part, Abdullah denied he was committing "political suicide" by dropping some of Mahathir's pet projects, adding that he commanded majority support and that "not everybody appreciates" the fierce criticisms by Mahathir against his leadership.

Khairy has also been the brunt of Mahathir’s many acerbic attacks, mainly on claims that Khairy held a massive influence over Abdullah in determining government and party policies.

While many Umno leaders welcomed the meeting, saying it would be good for political stability in Malaysia, there are an equal number of others who are remain sceptical of the outcome.

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