Oct 13, 2006

Khairy tells think tank to be more careful

Of all people, Khairy telling others to be careful?

Extracted from BERNAMA

Kuala Lumpur: The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) needs to be careful in releasing reports based on its studies, said Umno Youth vice head, Khairy Jamaluddin.

He said the institute should firstly ensure that the methodology used in its studies was accurate.

He was commenting on Asli's apology and withdrawal of the report which claimed that the Bumiputras had 45 per cent equity in the nation's economy.

Asli President Mirzan Mahathir on Tuesday apologised for the report on the study and said that after studying the methodology and conclusion of the report, "Asli decided there were shortcomings in assumption and calculation that led to conclusions that cannot be vigorously justified."

Mirzan said: "Since the 30 per cent Bumiputera ownership of corporate equities Malaysia is one of the main objectives of the NEP (National Economic Policy), it is important to use a methodology that can be trusted to gauge the Government's success in meeting the objective."

Khairy added: "Although they have apologised for the mistake, the damage has been done.

"As such, they need to be extra careful. Do not make a report that will inflame others and then apologise," he added.

Following Mirzan's statement yesterday, Director of Asli's Centre for Public Policy Study, Dr Lim Teck Ghee, who was responsible for the report, will resign at the end of the month, in defence of his controversial findings.

He disagreed with Mirzan's statement that the Asli decision was "in defence of its position and freedom of integrity and non-partisan."

Lim was fully responsible for the findings of the study and other studies presented by Asli to the Government on the Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK9) last February. - Bernama

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