Oct 17, 2006

Every Gov't Policy For The Good Of Everyone, Says PM

Extracted from BERNAMA
Every Gov't Policy For The Good Of Everyone, Says PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said every policy implemented by the government is for the benefit of the people of all races in the country.

He said the present government, which was based on solidarity, cooperation, and constantly striving to do the best in the interest of all Malaysians, was not meant for one particular group only.

"We administer, we want to do what is best for every Malaysian, not merely giving (something) to a certain group. We have to look at the present situation as a whole... that is most important.

"Because the present government is a government that is based on solidarity, the existing cooperation was made possible because of the power-sharing adopted by the government," he told reporters upon his arrival at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Base in Subang after performing the umrah in Mecca.

The prime minister said the rakyat had confidence in the present government leadership representing all races because all decisions were made based on consensus.

"We think as a government that is responsible to all Malaysians comprising various races and religious beliefs... the rakyat must understand this," he said.

Abdullah said issues that touched on racial solidarity were sensitive and should not be played up, including among the media.

The prime minister said this when asked to comment on his open attitude which was said to have been exploited by certain groups to question government policies especially those pertaining to racial relations in the country.

He said if there were programmes implemented by the present government to assist the bumiputeras, it was because the programme had to be continued as it had yet to achieve its goal.

The New Economic Policy, for example, had exceeded its duration but its implementation was still being continued to restructure society and eradicate poverty, he said.

Abdullah said the government was also adopting an open attitude in explaining any particular issue or policy that had been implemented.

"If people dispute (the policy) we must have an answer. We will have no problem if we are transparent, what's the problem... we are not lying, we don't do that.

"What is necessary for us is to give the government's reply, we don't want to shut them up, if we shut them up, they will always remain quiet and there will be dissatisfaction... this will lead to unrest.

"Openness in such matters is not something that will burden us," he said.

The prime minister said the Malays themselves, including the young generation, also questioned many things.

"Not all the Malays are keeping quiet, but we are prepared to give our opinion in such matters and we hope they will not take extreme action," he added.


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