Sep 11, 2006

Tun Mahathir : Umno members bribed to snub me

Another controversial election.

Extracted from MalaysiaKini
Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamed today said that members of the ruling party had been bribed to vote against him in an election that blocked his bid to address its national assembly.

Mahathir suffered a humiliating defeat Saturday in a grassroots ballot in his Kubang Pasu constituency in Kedah, coming in ninth among 15 candidates vying for seven positions as delegates to the November assembly.

"I am confident that the decision in the recent elections is caused by bribes. I can't prove this but I know somebody saw one being passed to voters in envelopes. It was mney that decided the day," Mahathir told reporters.

"This so-called defeat in Kubang Pasu has not changed my mind at all. Actually it was a defeat but for me it's a moral victory."

Mahathir said the envelopes contained RM200 and a list of numbers which corresponded to the nominees running in the party ballot.

The 81-year-old said Umno had gone to enormous lengths to silence him.

"For this small election, the state government mobilised resources making it look like a presidential election," he said

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mob1900 said...

Like I've mentioned before, he should be proud HIS money-politics engine is well-oiled with rakyat's money. It must be devastating he's being played out with his own game. Well, he just have to innovate new moves then, he has the brains which his opponents seems to lack.

He has to work harder.