Sep 21, 2006

Tun Mahathir Mohammad meets Iran Vice President

Extracted from ISNA
TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (ISNA)-Iran's vice president in a meeting with former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, while referring to the shared cultural, religious and stances of Iran and Malaysia emphasized that commercial and economic ties could strengthen relations between Islamic countries.

Parviz Davoudi in this meeting also stressed that Iran welcomed expanding ties and relations with Malaysia in all fields and saw no limitation in that matter.

This official also referred to the recent remarks made by Pope as a sham of tyrant and oppressive countries.

"The Pope should not allow these countries to apply all means possible so to reach their aims," he added.

Mahathir Mohammad on his part while emphasizing that the Islamic nations through unison and cooperation should block all ways and methods possible for oppressors to abuse them, noted that creating a common currency in all Islamic countries could be considered.

The former Malaysian Prime Minister called Iran a great nation with a rich culture.

"Iran's stance and resistance regarding the nuclear issue, its stance regarding oppressed nations is truly praised worthy," he said.

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