Sep 6, 2006

Re-investigate SCOMI - DAP Tells Police

I wonder what and when the police will start to do something.

Excerpt from MalaysiaKini
Opposition party DAP wants the police to reinvestigate Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd (Scope), in view of the recent arrest of senior executives of its Japanese business partner.

“I hope the prime minister and his son can come clean on this matter,” he said, also referring to Abdullah’s statement over the weekend.

The New York Times had reported that Tokyo Metropolitan police had arrested the president and five executives and employees of Mitutoyo Corp on Aug 25, on suspicion of exporting equipment without approval to an unspecified Malaysian recipient in late 2001.

Japanese police had raided the company premises in February as part of their probe.

While the police have provided few details, Japanese media reports alleged that the three-dimensional precision measuring instruments were eventually sold to Scope - a unit fully owned by listed oil and gas firm Scomi Group Bhd.

The company is owned by Kamaluddin Abdullah, whose business dealings have been in the spotlight for having allegedly benefitted from patronage of the government helmed by his father and prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

At a press conference in Parliament House today, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the latest development warranted the Malaysian authorities revisiting the Scope files.

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